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Great Party

Fun was had by all at the W/E. Not many left overs apart from this little fellow found on the Double Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Pavlova tray!

This month I've been mostly catering….

I've been really busy this month catering quite a few big parties such as the cocktail party for 200 in Aylesbury and a First Holy Communion for 35 in Thame. On a smaller scale I have been supplying a few delicious supper dishes for a couple of local customers and receiving rave reports about this chicken basque dish (see photo).

Red Cottage products

When we moved to Red Cottage a year ago I had the idea to make some of my own products with all of the locally grown and often wild fruits around my house. This is my product range including apple juice, quince jelly, crabapple and chilli jam and one of my favourites for after dinner, sloe gin.

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